What Makes Our Doors So Strong?

When it comes to securing your home or business, one must consider every possible angle of entry. Doors, a seemingly simple yet crucial element of any structure, serve as the primary line of defence against intruders. However, not all doors are created equal. Safer Security Doors distinguishes itself through ingenious engineering and robust materials, setting new standards in security solutions.

The Load Locking Leg: A Game-Changer in Door Security

One of the most innovative aspects of Safer Security Doors is the ‘load locking leg,’ a unique feature located within the door and window frame. Unlike conventional doors that utilise screws, rivets, or a combination of wedges and clamps for mechanical fixation, our doors implement this specialised locking mechanism for superior security.

The Science Behind the Load Locking Leg

When the stainless steel mesh—another advanced feature of our security system—is inserted into the door frame, it’s securely held in place by the load locking leg. This ingenious component functions like a vice when the door experiences an impact. The result is a grip that tightens in response to force, providing an unparalleled level of security.

Self-Reinforcing Security

Here’s what sets Safer Security Doors apart: with every attempted breach, our doors don’t weaken; they actually strengthen. The greater the impact, the tighter the mesh is held by the load locking leg. This creates a positive feedback loop of security, making our doors increasingly more resistant to attempted break-ins over time. It’s a brilliantly simple yet highly effective concept that has revolutionised how we think about door security.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

While the load locking leg is undoubtedly the star of the show, it is just one component in our holistic approach to security. We also employ high-grade materials, advanced locking systems with multiple locking points, and stringent quality controls to ensure that each door we produce meets and exceeds relevant industry standards.


In an age where security threats are ever-evolving, Safer Security Doors stays ahead of the curve, providing an unrivalled combination of innovation and resilience. Our doors aren’t just strong; they’re designed to become stronger under pressure, offering you peace of mind and the assurance that your premises are well-protected. With Safer Security Doors, you’re investing in more than just a door; you’re investing in unmatched security and peace of mind.

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