What Kind of Impact Can Our Doors Withstand?

When selecting a security door for your home or business, understanding its resilience to various types of impact is crucial. At Safer Security Doors, we take pride in exceeding not only your expectations but also surpassing Australian industry standards in multiple metrics.

Beyond Australian Standards

The Australian Standards for security products set specific criteria that a door or window system must meet to be categorised as a “security product.” However, at Safer Security Doors, we aim to go far beyond the basic requirements. For example, the industry standard for the dynamic impact test is to withstand at least 5 impacts. Our doors, impressively, can handle 100 impacts, which is 20 times the required number.

No Screws, No Rivets, Just Pure Engineering

Perhaps what makes our door system especially remarkable is the absence of screws or rivets to affix the mesh into the door and window frame. Instead, we use innovative engineering solutions that provide a locking system that’s highly effective and incredibly robust. This approach ensures a sturdier build that doesn’t weaken over time, as some mechanically-fixed products do.

Cyclonic Debris Resilience

Another testament to the resilience of our security doors is their performance in debris tests for cyclonic prone areas. These tests simulate the flying debris one would expect during a cyclonic event, and our door systems passed with flying colours. This makes our doors an excellent choice for those residing in regions that are at risk of experiencing extreme weather events.

Strength by the Numbers

When put to the test, the Safer Security Door system was found to be 300% stronger than what the dynamic impact test requires to meet Australian standards. These results highlight the reliability and superior performance of our products, which can withstand the most severe impacts without compromising on structural integrity.


Choosing a security door shouldn’t just be about meeting set standards; it should be about exceeding them. At Safer Security Doors, we are committed to providing products that set new benchmarks in both safety and durability. Our doors not only meet but also substantially exceed the rigorous Australian Standards, giving you peace of mind that you are investing in the highest level of protection for your home or business.

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